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Langit Restaurant Kemang

When people imagine Manadonese restaurants, they often think of a "warung style" restaurant. With the increased popularity of the North-Sulawesi style food, the owner of Langit wanted something different for their restaurant.

Lemon.aid envisioned a modern feel instead of the typical traditional atmosphere for the newest Manadonese restaurant in Kemang, Jakarta.

The combination of teal-colored walls with rattan and wooden chairs creates a modern but friendly environment. The white marble countertop acts as a beautiful centerpiece, anchoring the modern design of the restaurant. The usage of light colors and warm lighting is designed to enhance the guests' comforts.

​The ground floor was designed for a quick bite, while playful decorations on the 2nd floor, combined with ‘feel at home’ furniture, create an ambiance designed for guests who want to feel at home and take a longer time to dine. This included a small children’s play corner designed to give parents a chance to enjoy the food more while the kids enjoyed themselves.

The very traditional view of Manadonese restaurants has now become a thing of the past due to the opening of modern Langit in Kemang.

Please reach out if you want to add local details with a modern flair to your projects.

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Langit: Pro Gallery
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