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Coconut Island: Pro Gallery


Coconut Island Resort Carita

Coconut Island Resort Carita, located in the port city of Labuan, West Java, is a mere 3 hours ride from Bustling Jakarta. The area is famous for its beach sides but infamous for the lack of modern lodging up to Jakarta's standard.

The resort management commissioned lemon.aid to redesign the area, including the design of new lodging in line with expectations of visitors from Jakarta, but still keeping with the local ambiance.

We designed wooden villas made from locally-sourced recycled wood on top of stone foundations, while the interior reflects the modern comforts city dwellers require. The smart use of villa specific neutral colors, patterns, and decoration help give each villa its own distinguished identity.

The abundant use of color and the combination of locally sourced materials and urban comforts have given the resort a new ambiance as it attracts tourists to take pictures at the colourful photo spots. 

Please reach out if you want to add color to your project, we'd be happy to assist you.

Coconut Island: Project
Coconut Island: Pro Gallery
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