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How do you imbue a soul to an empty house? The new inhabitants of this large house realized that living somewhere did not mean it was a home. A home has ambiance, comfort, and a soul.

At lemon.aid we saw a lot of potential in the impressive wooden doors and window frames and used it as an inspiration for further filling the house with wooden furniture and fixtures to give it exactly what it needed; warmth.

A newly placed wooden parquet floor in the living room adds warmth to the living room, creating synergy with the garden views.

We added a cozy breakfast corner in the kitchen for the family as they loved to cook, and a separate dining room next to the kitchen for having dinner with friends.

The living room was purposely left as a large open space for the family to gather for TV nights with the kids and share precious moments with friends and family overlooking the garden and the swimming pool.

The space transformed from a big empty house to a home filled with laughter, friends, family, and warmth.

Please reach out if you want to add some soul to your home.

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